Mindful Memory Match Card Game

Mindful Memory Match Card Game


Time to pause for Humanity, Empathy, Love & Peace


Purpose: This is a card game to support all who want to make a positive change in the world one word at a time. Use these cards as a daily inspiration or play this game with your children to support them in learning how to pivot from negative to positive thoughts. Playing this game with your family and having conversations about what the words mean to you and to your kids will support everyone in choosing to make a positive change. It’s a choice we can all make today for a better tomorrow.


Game Includes: 48 cards with words (set of 24), 4 blank cards, instructions and positive vibes.

  • How To Play

    1. Mix up the cards and lay them in rows, face down.

    3. Turn over any two cards and say the words on the cards out loud.  Always remember to say the positive word OVER the negative word. “Victor Over Victim” or “Bond Over Blame”.

    4.  If they don't match, turn them back over.

    5.  If the two cards match, keep them & discuss what these two words mean to you. The words on top are positive and are meant for you to overcome the negative word on the bottom. Remember everyone has a different interpretation that may not match what you would have said and that is OK.

    6.  Your turn continues until you don’t find another match.

    7.  Watch and remember each card during the other player's turn.

    8.  The game is over when all the cards have been matched.

    9. The player with the most matches wins, BUT everyone wins when you choose to be positive!

    10. Customize your own cards by writing words on the blank cards provided. Remember to write them twice and include them on the next round of playing. We recommend that you play the game first before you fill in the blank cards. Always write the positive word on the top line OVER the negative word which is under the line.