Treat your feline friend with a delicious PetCakes Cheese Nip Flavor Microwavable Cake Mix Kit with Fish Shaped Pan Cat Treats. The first and only organic microwavable cat cake that's ready in minutes—just add water & canned chicken or tuna, bake and treat your fur babies. Comes with a re-usable fish-shaped pan and 2 Cheese Nip-flavor cake mix. This vet-approved cake is made in the USA with human-grade ingredients but still meant to be eaten only by your four-legged friend. The healthy mixes make six yummy fish-shaped frosted cakes. Plus, it doesn’t contain corn, wheat, soy, salt, sugar or preservatives, so you can feel good about letting your pal join in on the celebration.

Intro Kits for Cats - Cheese Nip Flavor


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