Brunch goes to the dogs!

NEW Culinary Canine Cookbook

St. Pete Beach, FL– On January 1, 2021, pet entrepreneur Melinda Kirk Stenger, CEO of Lucky Paws, LLC, launched a new cookbook for dogs called “Brunch & Bitches.” Stenger believes in win-win opportunities and will partner in creative ways with non-profits around the country donating 50% of book sales.

The Dog Bar will partner with Stenger on Sunday, January 24, 2021 from 1-3 for a dog and COVID friendly book signing located at 2300 Central Ave. St. Pete, FL 33712. Pet Pal Animal Shelter will benefit from the event. You can register at

The cookbook includes 14 healthy, human-grade ingredient recipes that are so easy, even kids can make them. With recipe names like Woof Waffles, Canine Quiche, Cinnamon Roll-Overs, and Barktown Biscuits, dogs will jump with joy for these tail-wagging, delicious treats. Ms. Stenger says, “Creating these treats was as much fun as naming them!”

Ms. Stenger has been cooking for animals for years and created the award-winning PetCakes, the first healthy DIY microwavable cake for dogs and cats. She is also a contributor to CincyPet Magazine as their pet lifestyle expert.

For more information, contact author and pet lifestyle expert, Melinda Kirk Stenger at

Dog Bar Requirements

· Private Off Leash Dog Park

· You must be 21 or older to enter

· Non-members pay $5 to enter

· Must register prior to arrival at

· Dogs must be

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