The Mindful Match Game

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Time to Pause for Humanity, Empathy, Love & Peace

This is a card game to support all who want to make a positive change in the world one word at a time. Use these cards as a daily inspiration or play this game with your children to support them in learning how to pivot from negative to positive thoughts. Playing this game with your family and having conversations about what the words mean to you and to your kids will support everyone in choosing to make a positive change. It’s a choice we can all make today for a better tomorrow.


Game Includes: 48 cards with words (set of 24), 4 blank cards, instructions and positive vibes.





I created this game to help me overcome negative habits that were not supporting me. I was my own worst enemy allowing negative thoughts and words to create reality. Once I realized I was doing this, thanks to an emotional transformational training course I attended with my husband, I began to pivot. I decided to create another word, an opposite to the negative rhetoric to get me into a new healthy habit. Now, instead of feeling sorry for myself by trying to blame someone or play victim, I pivot and recite “I am Bond Over Blame, I am Victor Over Victim”. Once I say these words out loud my entire mood changes and I am happier. In order to support you and your personal journey to a happier and more mindful life, I have included blank cards so you can create your own words to help you pivot from negative to positive.


Every time you purchase a deck of cards from our website, we will donate a deck called the BODO (buy one, donate one). Check out our website to see who is getting a deck this month!



  Melinda & Bella

$19.99 - Order Today!

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About the Artist

I chose to use a Mandala (which means “circle” in Sanskrit) as the main artwork because it represents an integrated view of the world and universe. Making a Mandala is described as the process of mapping one’s inner world.


Radha Lakshmi is an interdisciplinary ritual community artist whose works of art emerge from ephemeral Mandala traditions from Southern India. These oral and artistic traditions have been passed down from

mother to daughter for over two thousand years. Find more about the artist at

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